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Seeker of like minded souls

Welcome, I’m so glad you found me!

It is a well researched and documented fact that human beings need social connection to thrive, but it’s easy for our busy lives to get in the way of meeting the very people who will help us create and live the lives we dream of. Those who understand why we strive to live creatively and thoughtfully, seeking our real purpose and taking pleasure in fulfilling it. It’s taken me a while to find my way here, but now that I am I really hope you’ll join me.

Vanessa x



The Simpson Sisters’ Sisterhood: Not just a tongue twister!

The Simpson Sisters’ Sisterhood: Not just a tongue twister!

It never fails to amaze me that, for the greater part, women are incredibly warm, kind and generous to strangers in ways they are often unable to be towards themselves. I don’t exclude men, but just don’t know them in the same way. My career has been widely varied but...

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Like to run your own workshop at Oak Tree Barn? I’d be delighted to host you…


“Working with Vanessa was the most pain-free experience of all the workshops I’ve done – nothing was too much trouble and she was so on top of everything. The icing on the cake is just what a wonderful space the barn is to be in – light, calming and full of little touches that make it truly unique.”


KAYTE FERRIS @simpleandseason