About Me


I’m never entirely sure quite how I should begin to describe myself, and nowhere does it feel more difficult than on this page. Daughter, sister, wife, mother. Creative, curious, sociable, restless. Country lover, city dweller. I have spent the majority of my adult life living overseas bringing up our daughters while my husband forged a career, constantly on the search for something to ease my restlessness and help me feel a sense of calm. I don’t have all the answers yet, but now living in England again I am exploring the things that intrigue me, and slowly becoming my own person in the process.

What began here as a personal blog to document the renovation of a barn in a very special part of the world to me (see my first blog post here) is gently becoming a small business which I am thoroughly enjoying as I nurture it along, learning as I go. What I have learnt above all since I began is that allowing my curiosity to lead the way has rewarded me with the realisation that the thing that matters the most to me is being with like minded people. By sharing my home, my stories and my life through photography and writing I am doing just this.

Travel has been part of my life for as long as I can remember and continues to give me great pleasure. The anticipatory thrill of a new destination is to be savoured, and it is something I very much hope to embrace more regularly as my family flies the nest. It goes some way to satiating my wandering mind and endless desire to move onto something new.

If you stick around here long enough you’ll get to know me. I’m honest, open to new ideas and suggestions, always eager to learn but am my harshest critic. Family, friends, eating, drinking and enjoying the garden are all things I love, and getting to know new people lights me up. So if you have an inkling that we’d get along then follow along and share your stories with me too.

Vanessa x