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‘The Simpson Sisters’ was a name I chose very simply because it was my maiden name, I have three sisters and I thought it had a nice ring to it. In no way did I anticipate that my desire to work for myself would lead to what I now envisage; I imagine telling stories in the future of all the wonderful friendships and collaborations formed at Oak Tree Barn. I love the idea of keeping in touch with those who spend time here and following their futures, watching to see how they might have benefitted from the experience they shared with others and the things they learnt.

Finding My Worth

I very often feel like a bit of an anachronism as a woman and finding my worth in a world where so much value is measured financially is a struggle. From the outside I am very aware that others may look in and see me running a successful business and wonder what my...

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Lisbon Love

Our weekend in Lisbon did not begin quite as planned. Snow resulted in the inevitable airport chaos and while I happily accept that circumstances dictate these type of events it left me wondering why it is that communication so quickly fails? A simple, friendly...

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It’s been a Dry January

As you read this I will be patting myself on the back for having resisted the lure of an alcoholic drink for the entire month of January. I have often considered joining the masses who,full of good intentions, embark upon the #dryjanuary challenge, and have even...

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Getting down to business in the Peak District

It must be almost exactly 20 years since I last visited the Peak District and my recollections of that weekend are a little fuzzy if I’m honest. Our eldest daughter was just a few months old so sleep deprivation undoubtedly has something to answer for! I do vaguely...

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I feel so full of questions about my life, battling a sense of being trapped by not just my circumstances but  by my own intentions and plans. It’s a feeling I’m very familiar with but it never gets more comfortable, in fact I think the discomfort increases as the...

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Navigating life

Not quite an annual review and goal setting post, but sharing my reflections on last year and intentions for the year ahead.

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