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‘The Simpson Sisters’ was a name I chose very simply because it was my maiden name, I have three sisters and I thought it had a nice ring to it. In no way did I anticipate that my desire to work for myself would lead to what I now envisage; I imagine telling stories in the future of all the wonderful friendships and collaborations formed at Oak Tree Barn. I love the idea of keeping in touch with those who spend time here and following their futures, watching to see how they might have benefitted from the experience they shared with others and the things they learnt.

Seeker of Like Minded Souls

A bout of insomnia has had me thinking about my tagline ‘seeker of like minded souls’ and exactly what others may construe from this. I often mention the pleasure and value I gain from spending time with these people, but am not entirely sure that I’ve ever truly...

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Tales from the milking parlour

I have always been fond of cows. One of my earliest memories is of standing on the five bar gate that hung between the end of my parents’ Somerset garden and the bordering field. I recall my elder sister by my side as together we watched Charlie the cow man tending...

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The Simpson Sisters’ Sisterhood: Not just a tongue twister!

It never fails to amaze me that, for the greater part, women are incredibly warm, kind and generous to strangers in ways they are often unable to be towards themselves. I don’t exclude men, but just don’t know them in the same way. My career has been widely varied but...

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Writing with Light – Photography Workshop in Paros

Only last year did I learn that the word photography means simply ‘writing with light’. Not exactly a stretch to have figured out really (even for a non Latin scholar such as myself!), but it really did feel as though this was exactly what I began to understand during...

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Ripples of Goodwill

I have come to realise, recently, that for much of my life I have felt powerless; bouncing my way along from one situation to another, frequently feeling dissatisfied and frustrated while lacking the insight or tools to understand how I could have been taking control...

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Follow Your Curiosity

One morning this week I was awoken very early by the sound of our doorbell (which it transpired I had dreamed!) and rather than go back to sleep, listen to the news or begin my day I simply let my thoughts meander and followed each one with curiosity. Once the mundane...

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